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T's & C's


It is the customers responsibility to get the flowers to us in the best condition possible. We cannot dry any dead or squashed flowers. We can look to replace blooms that are dead or damaged at an additional cost. You will be contacted to discuss options if there are issues with the quality of some of the flowers.


Drying and preserving your flowers means removing all of the moisture from the flower. Although this means we are able to keep the 3d shape of the bloom it may mean that the colour of the flower changes slightly. This colour change is completely normal and is a side effect to drying.

Please allow a degree of artistic interpretation for your piece. The original bouquet is taken apart and each flower dried individually, the bouquet is then displayed either in a frame or in a resin piece. The desired look of your final piece will be discussed with you beforehand.

Pressed frames and resin pieces require the full amount to be paid upfront. Please allow up to 8 weeks for your custom keepsake to be finished.

Pressed Frames and resin items can be posted but if you are local and able to collect in person to avoid risk of damage  that can also be arranged.

Each piece is handcrafted and therefore there may be some imperfections in the artwork; like bubbles, unsmooth edges with the resin.

As all artwork is bespoke and made to order we do no allow refunds. Any order cancellations should be made well in advanced.