Studio based in Bedfordshire

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Q. How soon after an event do you need to receive the flowers?

A. The quicker you can get your  flowers to us the better your end results will be. 2-3 days at the absolute latest. The best way to ensure that your flowers are taken care of is to make a plan for delivering flowers with us ahead of time and keep them in water as much as possible.

Q. Can you include all types of flower from my bouquet in a pressed art frame?

A. Some larger blooms such as Sunflowers may be too thick to fit in your frame. We will take a selection of blooms from the arrangement and then select the best pressed ones for the final design. The more flowers you can send us the bigger selection we can choose from. Some of our larger resin pieces will be able to fit 3d blooms.

A. How long will it take for me to receive my custom order?

A. Pressing and drying of flowers can take 4-6 weeks.  The large scale resin pieces have to be completed in layers so do take a little while to complete.Please allow up to 8 weeks for custom designs. If there is a delay for any reason you will be contacted asap.

Q. If I am not local can I post my flowers to you?

A. If you are not local to my studio you are able to package your flowers and send them to us. Please find further information on how to do this on my blog page.